Taking care of a new tattoo

Tattoos take approximately 2 - 3 weeks to heal. Branding takes approximately 3 - 6 weeks to heal.

Below are some don'ts and dos to help your piercing to heal effectively.


  • pick or scratch at a new tattoo – this will slow healing time and may lead to secondary infections
  • soak a tattoo in water or other solutions – if you are in frequent contact with water, use a barrier cream over the site until healed
  • over-use healing creams – only apply when it feels the skin is drying out
  • swim until healed
  • wear tight clothing over the tattoo, or clothing that has been washed in harsh detergents.


  • follow the care advice you are given by the tattoo artist
  • return to the body artist when advised, or if having problems
  • ensure your hands are clean before touching a new tattoo (and don't let others touch it until it is healed)
  • apply sunblock (SPF 15 - 30+) to prevent fading
  • use the healing creams recommended by the studio.


Arm being tattooed by tattoo artist with gloves on

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