Masturbation is when a person touches, strokes or rubs their own genitals for sexual pleasure. People masturbate in many different ways because sexual pleasure is different for everyone. Girls may touch their clitoris. Guys may touch their penis. Masturbation is a private thing to do, not something done in public. 

Lots of people feel embarrassed talking about masturbation and there are some myths say that masturbation is dirty and something to be ashamed of.

The truth is, masturbation is one way in which we can express and explore our sexual feelings. It's a safe and healthy way to set our own comfort zones and find out what feels good.

People of all ages do it. Single people and people in relationships masturbate. Some people don't masturbate at all, or hardly ever. Other people masturbate more often. Whatever you do, it's OK.

When two people masturbate together it’s called mutual masturbation. This can help people find out and communicate with their partner about what feels good and it can help both people learn about their bodies.

Masturbation is a safe and healthy way to set your own comfort zones and find out what feels good

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