Respectful Relationships

No matter what kind of relationship – family, friend, neighbour, fellow student, boyfriend or girlfriend– a respectful relationship has good communication, trust, honesty and equality. Relationships should be fun and positive experiences. Everyone deserves to feel safe and cared for, especially in more intimate relationships.

Is it love?

The feeling of falling in love can be awesome. It can affect your sleep, your appetite and about a million other things. It can take over your whole world. Or it may not be so monumental – just a quiet, warm feeling.

How do you know if it is really love? Ask yourself:

  • Do you have things in common, and enjoy similar activities?
  • Do you share similar values about the big things (about family, morals, beliefs, etc.)?
  • Do you encourage each other to pursue your own interests?
  • Can you talk to each other about important things?
  • Do you feel understood and heard?
  • Do you understand and listen to your partner?
  • Do you care about each other the same amount?


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