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Youth Sexual Health Clinic in Perth!

30 Nov 2021 10:07 AM - By Sexual Health Quarters Categories: Let's Talk!
Youth Sexual Health Clinic in Perth!

If you’ve ever thought about having a sexual health appointment but feel nervous at the idea, read on…


Sexual Health Quarters (or SHQ) is opening a youth clinic! This clinic will run every Tuesday night from 5pm to 8pm and will see people aged 14 to 19. The nurses and doctors can help with sexual health services – STI testing and treatment, unintended pregnancy services, and contraceptive options.


All services are confidential – this means that things like test results will not be shared to anyone else. Friends and family won’t be told about your appointment.


This clinic is low cost or no cost. This means that most services like an STI test are free for people under 25 years old, but some services may have a small cost. If you have a Medicare card, bring it with you to the appointment – this can make it much easier to access free services. If you don’t have one, click here to learn how to get one. Have no fear though – if you can’t get one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an appointment.


The staff at the clinic specialise in sexual health – this means that all day, every day they’re helping people with sexual health matters, so they won’t be weirded out by whatever you need help with. SHQ’s youth clinic is a relaxed and chill place where you won’t be judged, shamed or criticised.


If you feel a little weird about the idea of going to a sexual health clinic – that’s okay! People even get nervous about going to the dentist, and it’s normal to feel nervous. The thing is, we know that it’s still important to seek help about sexual health matters so we, and our partners, can continue to be happy and healthy. Taking care of your health and feeling in control is a good feeling – it’s empowering!


If you just want to ask a question, you can also call us on our helpline, or even email us. This helpline is run by nurses, and can be found here:  9227 6178 or 1800 198 205.


Where: SHQ, 70 Roe St, Northbridge.

When: Tuesday evenings 5-8pm

How much: Low cost or no cost – just bring your Medicare or Healthcare card (if you have one).

How to book: Call on 9227 6177

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