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I think I might be gay

I've always been attracted to the same sex. But I felt so guilty I didn't tell anyone. I thought the feeling might pass but it didn't.
I never had a relationship with the opposite sex. I just couldn't do it. Going into high school I knew my friends were talking about me behind my back.
I was so worried that people at school would find out. There weren't any openly gay people at school. "Suspect" ones got teased all the time.
The only place where I could be myself was on the internet. But I was worried that my family would find out what I had been looking up.
I found out about the Freedom Centre. It's good to know that there is a place where I can hang out and talk to others who are in the same situation as me.
It was only after Year 12 that I came out to my friends. I was worried they would drop me but they were fine with it. It felt great to finally let it out.
I'm not sure what I'll say to my family. I'll definitely get some advice from the Freedom Centre, as I'm not sure how they'll react.
I've met someone too. We've been going out for a little while and things are going well.
We haven't had sex yet but it will happen soon enough. But when the time comes I want to make sure that I feel ready.
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