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Am I normal

Lately my body has been doing the weirdest things. I swear I'm not normal!
My voice squeaks at the most embarrassing times, there are pimples all over my face and I get erections without warning.
Hair is sprouting up everywhere. I really like to masturbate too which makes me feel kinda guilty and hard to hide from my older brother and parents.
My family is starting to notice my moods. It's weird, one minute I'm feeling good then the next minute everyone and everything is getting on my nerves.
I'm too embarrassed to talk to my mates about what's happening to me. It doesn't seem like they are going through any of this. They would just laugh at me anyway.
But I did end up opening up a little to them at soccer. It was such a relief as they said the same thing. They thought they were the only abnormal ones too!
Now we know we can talk to each other if we're really worried. I also asked my brother about what he went through. He said it's pretty normal to feel a bit weird and embarrassed about your body.
He also said that everyone develops in a different way and at different ages. What a relief!
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