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I've got an infection

My boyfriend and I had been going out for about three months when I noticed this funny smelling stuff coming out of my vagina. It was also painful to go to the toilet.
Even though I had turned 17, I didn't want my parents finding out so I called the sexual health helpline. They told me I might have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and to have an STI test. They said the service was confidential, which was a relief to know.
When I found out it was chlamydia I completely freaked out. The nurse said lots of people my age have chlamydia without even knowing it. It could've stopped me from having children later.
They gave me antibiotics, so I'm fine now. We didn't use condoms cos I was on the pill to stop me from getting pregnant. Plus he didn't like using condoms anyway.
He told me he was faithful to me so I wouldn't need to worry about catching an STI. And I would feel weird suggesting it, cos it would be like I didn't trust him.
I was really scared to talk to him about it, but I got the infection from him and he's now got to get treatment. When I talked to him he admitted that he wasn't faithful to me. I was devastated. I don't know if I can trust anyone again.
And I keep thinking how the other people he slept with would've slept with a whole lot of other people too.
I'm probably lucky that I got it checked out and treated. They told me that not everybody gets symptoms like I did. We should've talked about it more before we started sleeping with each other. And we should've used condoms!
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